Angora Goats
The Texas Junior Angora Goat Show is open to all exhibitors in the State of Texas. We are now affiliated with the Kerr County Stock Show Association, Inc. Our scholarship funds remain in the HCDJLS 501(c)3. Our mission is to remain the largest Angora Goat Show with the highest paid premiums and scholarships. We will check in goats from 3:00-6:00 p.m. on Friday, January 14, 2022, and show at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 15, 2022. For more information, call Fred at 830.459.0549 or Kristan at 830.683.7097. We look forward to seeing you in January at the Hill Country Youth Event Center in Kerrville! Download your entry form below.
Show Information and Rules
ASSISTANTS: Jane Brown, Frank Craddock, Edward Earwood, Preston Faris, Eddie Holland, Andy
Laughlin, Steve Nelson, Melody Plumley, Bee Pruneda, Taryn Titsworth, Roy Walston, and Kristan
State Judge: Zane Willard
NOTE: The Texas Junior Angora Goat Show is open to all youth exhibitors in the State of
Texas provided that they meet all other eligibility requirements as stated in the general
rules of this catalog. Please refer to the general rules found under Show Information, Catalog.
The rules below supercede the rules on page 34 (REGISTERED ANGORA GOAT DEPARTMENT)
1. Exhibitors of animals in this department must present ORIGINAL registration papers to the
Department Superintendent between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., Friday, January 14, 2022. Animals
with incorrect registration papers or identification problems will be sifted.
2. Registration papers must be in the name of the exhibitor.
3. Transfers must be dated prior to November 1 by the Association. Registered goats must be in the
possession of the exhibitor by November 1 of the preceding year.
4. The age of animals in this division will be determined by the registered papers. Transfers to other
classes will not be allowed and refunds for incorrect entries will not be made.
5. All goats must be machine shorn on or after July 15th, of the previous year. The signature of the
exhibitor’s supervisor on the entry card will verify compliance with this rule. Spot checks will be made
6. An exhibitor is limited to two (2) entries per class.
7. Entries in this department must be a credit to the department.
8. Entries in this department must show two (2) of the three (3) accepted methods of identification.
9. Any Angora goat with hair equal to or greater than 7 inches will be disqualified from the show.
10. Foreign material including (but not limited to) painting, powdering, oiling, artificial coloring, or
adhesives is prohibited.
11. The 1st and 2nd place goats in each class may be subject to testing for any substance added to
the fleece such as oil. If the winner of the premier exhibitor award does not have a goat that placed
first or second, the two highest placing goats from that exhibitor’s herd will be tested. If there is a tie,
there will be a random draw from the Executive Committee. Random testing may be performed.
The Texas Junior Angora Goat Show is the new name for the
HCDJL Angora Goat Show. It operates under the original 501 c. Any exhibitor barred from
the HCDJLAGS remains barred from the TJAGS.
12. The Premier Exhibitor for the State will be determined by the total amount of premium money won
in the Registered Angora Goat classes. Premium money given for champions is not included.
13. Projects are no longer the responsibility of the KCSSA after the completion of their respective
14. The release of animals will be at the discretion of each department’s superintendents.
15. A fee of $50 will be charged to make a correction to an existing entry and a fee of $150 will be
charged to add an additional entry after December 1, 2021.
Buck Kids 1 Doe Kids 4
Yearling Bucks 2 Yearling Does 5
Aged Bucks 3 Aged Does 6
JUNIOR SHOW: Added money will be paid on 80% of the classes 1-6.
CLASSES 1-6: $64, $60, $56, $54, $52, graduating down to $25 minimum. 80% of entries in the
class will receive premium money.
For the 2022 TJAGS, a $10,000 two year college scholarship will be awarded to the premier
exhibitor and another $10,000 scholarship will be awarded to the exhibitor of the Champion
Angora Goat of Show. The scholarships are for high school graduates to attend one of the
following: Texas Colleges, Texas Universities or Texas Vocational/ Technical schools with approval
from the KCCSA, Inc. Executive Board. An exhibitor can win both the Premier Exhibitor and
Champion Angora Goat only once for each award.